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Cut down on the cooking time with these quick and easy to make food recipes. All recipes use simple ingredients that are easily available and inexpensive. If you are interested in learning how to cook healthy and yet simple recipes, you are in the right place.

Application Features:-

1. A large and easy cookbook menu.

2. Browse through all the cook’s recipes organized into Categories.

3. List of ingredients with cooking instructions for each recipe for you to look and cook.

4. Recipe finder to find recipes by title, cuisine, ingredients, region and type.

5. Organize or bookmark your favourite recipes in My Favorites.

6. Search Recipes by ingredients you want to cook with from your kitchen.

7. Add to favourite to build your own recipe dairy ebook.

There are all kinds of food recipes, though, including healthy Morning Muffins and all recipes have full instructions and ingredients list. There are recipes that families will like, such as smoothies (with white tea and strawberries), Eggmuffin breakfasts with sprouted grain muffins and eggwhite or egg, burritos and things kids like.

Now, cooking any dish means you have to know all the ingredients and condiments that are required for preparing them. More importantly, you have to know the exact amount of the condiments and the spices required for cooking them. The perfect mixture of spices and ingredients will help you to create the right magic regarding the dish.






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